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Wormsoftheearth - Nails by SamInabinet
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The 5 most hardcore Lovecraft protagonists
I know. I know. Lovecraft is famous for existential horror. For writing about beings so powerful and alien that they simply does not care for humans, as if we were just ants crawling in their backs. For protagonists that confront those mind-breaking truths and end up mad or dead (or both).
What if I told you that a considerable chunk of Lovecraft's work reads more like superhero narrative than despair fiction? Sure, the world where those characters live is full of dangers that can come back to chase them again, but, for now, they survived. The horrors are beatable, and they have the power/the wits/the sheer luck to stand up to them. Just like the world of superheroes, when you think about it.
Before I talk about them, l would like to point some curious details about them. First, some of them are admittedly self-inserts of the author, and most of them are elderly. It is interesting, because pop culture rarely has elderly protagonists, let alone badass elderly protagonists. If you read L
:iconstrixvanallen:StrixVanAllen 12 33
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Educate or Bust - Old Brigamer
for "Sharp's Gun Serenade" (also "Chapter XI: Educate Or Bust" in A Gent From Bear Creek) by Robert E. Howard:

"Lemme alone!" Jack hollered. "Don't come no closer. This here is a free country! I got a right to hang myself if I wanta!"
"But it's a dam fool thing to do," wailed Bill.
"My life is rooint!" asserted Jack. "My true love has been betrayed. I'm a wilted tumble-bug--I mean tumble-weed--on the sands of Time! Destiny has slapped the Zero brand on my flank! I--"
I dunno what else he said because at that moment I stepped into something which let out a ear-splitting squall and attached itself vi'lently to my hind laig. That was jest my luck. With all the thickets they was in the Humbolts, a derned cougar had to be sleeping in that'n. And of course it had to be me which stepped on him.
Well, no cougar is a match for a Elkins in a stand-up fight, but the way to lick him (the cougar, I mean; they ain't no way to lick a Elkins) is to git yore lick in before he can clinch with you. But the bresh was so thick I didn't see him till he had holt of me and I was so stuck up with them derned briars I couldn't hardly move nohow. So before I had time to do anything about it he had sunk most of his tushes and claws into me and was reching for new holts as fast as he could rake. It was old Brigamer, too, the biggest, meanest and oldest cat in the Humbolts.

Howard, Robert E. (2010-05-04). The Robert E. Howard Omnibus: 99 Collected Stories (Halcyon Classics) (Kindle Locations 35931-35939). Halcyon Press Ltd.. Kindle Edition.
Three Bladed Doom - Limp
“Shoot him.”
“Nay, the shot would be heard and there would be questions to answer.”
“Cut his throat!” suggested the youngest of the band, and was scowled at so murderously by his fellows that he fell back in confusion.
“Aye, cut my throat,” advised Gordon, laughing at them. “One of you might survive to tell the tale.” This was no mere bombast, as most of them knew, and they betrayed their uneasiness in their black scowls. They yearned to slay him, but they dared not use their rifles; and at least the older warriors knew the ghastly price they would pay for attacking him with edged weapons. He would have no compunction about using either the rifle in his hand, or the pistol they knew he carried concealed somewhere.
“Knives are silent,” muttered the youngster, trying to justify himself. He was rewarded by receiving a rifle butt driven angrily into his belly, which made him salaam involuntarily, and then lift his voice in gasping lamentation.
“Be silent, son of a dog! Would you have us fight El Borak’s guns with naked steel?”
Having worked off some of their dissatisfaction on their unfortunate comrade, the Kurds grew calmer, and one of the others inquired of Gordon, uncertainly: “You are expected?”
“Would I come here if I were not expected? Does the lamb thrust his head unbidden into the jaws of the wolf?”
“Lamb?” The Kurds cackled sardonically. “Thou a lamb? Ha, Allah! Say, rather, does the grey wolf with blood on his fangs seek the hunter!”
“If there is blood on my fangs it is but the blood of fools who disobeyed their master’s commands,” retorted Gordon. “Last night, in the Gorge of Ghosts —”
“Ya Allah! Was it thee the Yezidee fools fought? They knew thee not! They said they had slain an Englishman and his servants in the Gorge.” So that was why the sentries were so careless; for some reason the Yezidees had lied about the outcome of that battle, and the watchers of the Road were not expecting any pursuit.
“None of you was among those who in their ignorance fell upon me in the Gorge?”
“Do we limp? Do we bleed? Do we weep from weariness and wounds? Nay, we have not fought El Borak!”
“Then be wise and do not make the mistake they made, for which mistake some are dead and the skin shall be taken in strips from the backs of the living. And now, will you take me to him who awaits me, or will you cast dung in his beard by scorning his orders?”

Howard, Robert E. (2010-02-04). El Borak and Other Desert Adventures (pp. 110-111). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.
Three Bladed Doom - Ape
Gordon, as he faced that onrushing death, knew his only chance was to keep out of the grip of those huge arms which could crush him in an instant. The monster was clumsy but swift, as it rolled over the ground, and it hurled itself through the air for the last few feet in a giant grotesque spring. Not until it was looming over him, the great arms closing upon him, did Gordon move, and then his shift would have shamed a striking catamount.

Howard, Robert E. (2010-02-04). El Borak and Other Desert Adventures (p. 144). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.


Sam Inabinet
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Personal Quote: "Rip 'em open, they all splatter the same color!"
The auspicious and inestimable Flippistani edition of "The One Thousand Swinging Nights," in association with the last known copies of the justly rare and long out of print "Pickman Portfolio," have the pleasure of announcing that they will be available for purchase at DragonCon in Atlanta GA this weekend.
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